Libera Pagina! at the exhibition Points-of-View at Cercle Cité Luxembourg

Libera Pagina! is the title of the multimedia project of Luxembourgish artist Suzan Noesen. Its starting point is the intergenerational house-sharing of the artist with her grandmother in rural Luxembourg. The works presented at the Cercle Cité have been produced in parallel with her short film Livre d’heures (2018) and presented in collaboration with the Casino Forum d’art contemporain during the Luxembourg City Film Festival 2019.

Suzan Noesen’s project is made of video installations, examining the psychological traces left by intergenerational relationships as well as the agricultural past of Luxembourg. She looks at the conceptual differences between the ways of living derived by age gap, but also the cultural differences between the life of the artist and the country life.

Suzan Noesen works with recognizable elements of daily life, both practical and specific, in opposition to abstract artistic themes. In this way, she develops her aesthetic approach and involves herself in a performative way. In Libera Pagina!, her questioning of common life construction expresses itself through repetitive actions, video loops, cyclic movements. The simultaneous presence of painting and video, sometimes one including the other, and of images evoking both past and present, create an autonomous temporality.

Rituals giving rhythm to the day are overlaid on motifs and textures of the daily environment. The videos and paintings deal with the manipulation and superimposition of surfaces: fabrics, skins, peels, facades, images. Suzan Noesen seeks an awareness of this construction of daily life and questions its influence on the construction of personality: the installations in Libera Pagina! question the intergenerational heritage of structuring actions and deal more particularly with the heritage of female country life.

The installations confront traditional rural life with a contemporary plastic approach and vice versa, at the same time questioning the possibilities of community life – leading perhaps to a new narrative, common and hybrid.

Libera Pagina! is produced by the Cercle Cité with the support of the Œuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte Fonds stART-up, the FilmFund and the Ministry of Culture.

Featured works Papier Cadeau, Four Hands, Silk Corner, Sac Vichy

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14.2.2019 – 17.3.2019