Quatre Mains

2020 | Video Installation

In 1997, Harun Farocki turns his camera from faces to their hands in The Expression of Hands to discover in their gesticulation what our faces all too often aim to hide. Suzan Noesen’s video installation Quatre mains/Four Hands re-examines the relationship between hands and our identity in a split screen showing in comparison the daily interaction of a young and an aged pair of hands.

Set up like an audio-visual experiment, Noesen examines these every-day gestures for their visual symbolism in cinema to understand the bridge and rupture between youth and old age. In this visual dialogue of bodily mechanics, these hands tell the story of different generations facing a similar reality.

Writer and Director Suzan Noesen
Cinematographer Amandine Klee
Image and Sound Editor Pia Dumont
Grading Pascal Oberlin

Format HD video, colour, loop
Lenght. 4:30 min.
First broadcast February 14th, 2019, Cercle Cité Luxembourg

Realised with the support of Cercle Cité Luxembourg, Ministère de la Culture, Œuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte Fonds stART-up, Film Fund Luxembourg

For a video preview, please click here.

Four hands has been exhibited as part of  LEAP 2020 / Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize 2020.