Silk Corner

2019 | Video Installation

Silk Corner is a two-screen video installation projected onto two transparent textile screens and the concrete walls of the gallery space. The first video shows at its centre a woman rotating in a hedgerows maze. The camera circulates in and out of harmony with her rotation creating a spiralling experience relating to notions of choice and purpose. The second video edited together from static shots of an old farm house within the rural landscapes of Luxembourg.

Through both stagnation and circularity, Suzan Noesen comments on a standstill rigidly tied to place, but visceral in its personal movements and timelessness, where human agency negotiates around itself into a stagnating spiral.

Through black and white materials in the projection set up, Noesen also aims to recreate the appearance of black-and-white-photography combined with the concrete material of facades integrating with this combination of textures the bodily experiences of the visuals.

Original title Silk Corner
Cast Alina Faber
Writer and Director Suzan Noesen
Cinematographer Amandine Klee
Editor Pia Dumont
Grading Pascal Oberlin

Format HD video, colour, loop
Length 5 min.
First broadcast February 14th, 2019, Cercle Cité Luxembourg

Realised with the support of Cercle Cité Luxembourg, Ministère de la Culture, Œuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte Fonds stART-up, Film Fund Luxembourg

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