2019 | Talk at Cercle Cité

Le temps, tissus de perceptions – Time, the fabric of perceptions

Suzan Noesen in conversation with curator Anouk Wies about the installation Libera Pagina! at the exhibition “Points-of-view”.

Press Text:

The multidisciplinary work of Suzan Noesen combines elements of daily life with a mysterious and dreamlike world. The subjects of social relationships and the control of conscience are mixed with thoughts materializations, feelings, emotions. The audience can recognize something that they cannot immediately define but feel they have already lived, perceived or thought in one way or another.

The relationship between “I” and sets of rules from “another”, the memory and the perception of time – these are the subjects addressed by a practice that can be compared to a walk through a vast, maze-like landscape.

The works of Suzan, in which she is often involved in a performative manner, produce a kind of harvest – a materialization of a quest aiming for precision in the sense of peace, of the undefined and the undetermined, be it through painting, photography, performance, video, etc.
The interpretation remains wavering, the skins and surfaces, materials and visuals, give away to multiple contextualizations and narratives.

In the installation Libera Pagina! Suzan Noesen associates connotations from an old farmer’s context to a transgenerational relationship and to the female experience. The exhibited work results from a vast artistic project around the subject of her co-living with her grandmother, former farmer, in rural Luxembourg. With Libera Pagina!, she creates a space with a dense and poetic aesthetic that invites the audience to immerse themselves in the atmosphere, the analogies and reflections, fluctuating between corporeal, moving pictures and pictorial images.

During the meeting, the visitors go along the artist Suzan Noesen and Anouk Wies, curator of the exhibition, to discuss the imaginary universe, the different media, and the artistic practice that form the exhibition Libera Pagina!

5.3.2019 Auditoire Cercle Cité

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