2022 | SHORT FILM | 00:09:12 | H264/DCP | VO: LUX. ,ENGL. ,FRENCH | SUBS: ENG. , FR

Cara and Clara experience both a different but similar kind of confinement in which there is only one possible encounter: facing the situation and themselves.

With Confinementer I wanted to focus on multiple ways, consequences and coping strategies of outer and inner seclusion, possibly recurring in the setting of the
current pandemic – or beyond.

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Writer and Director Suzan Noesen
Starring Rahel Jankowski, Perla Neves, Piera Jovic, Dany Boland
Director of Photgraphy Sven Ulmerich
Production design Sheyda Vatankhah
Music Georges Goerens
Editor Anne Schiltz, Suzan Noesen
Colorist Anselm Havu
Sound design Mihal Gwozdz, Ingo Dumlich
Sound mix Mike Butcher / ROLL STUDIOS
Production Independent/Filmreakter a.s.b.l.